Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project 7x52 - Week 2

At the start of the second week of my Project 7x52 challenge we had a couple of days of snow in Annapolis Royal. I knew that at some point I wanted to have a weekly theme of snow so this seemed like an appropriate opportunity. I was also figuring that I should take full advantage of the snowfall because this has been a very odd winter so far. I have heard more than one person remark that it feels like we are trapped in a permanent November. Within 12 hours of the end of the snowfall, the snow that you can see in these images had melted and we were back to greenish brown grass. It is certainly odd weather for the middle of January.

Week 2 theme - Snow

1. Annapolis Royal taken through a snowstorm from the back of the Granville Ferry Hall
2. One of the ornamental grasses at the Historic Gardens
3. A cannon at Fort Anne NHS
4. Another ornamental grass at the Historic Gardens
5. The snow covered face on a brass cannonade at Fort Anne. This piece is a remnant of the French regime in Acadie.
6. The Sally Port at Fort Anne
7. I believe that this is the snow covered remains of a hydrangea at the Historic Gardens.

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