Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project 7x52 - Week 3

I was looking to do something a little bit different with week three of our Project 7x52 challenge. At the start of the week I thought about doing a set of people on the streets of Annapolis Royal in black and white. The weather was fairly grim and everyone has been bundled up so I figured that there could be some interesting images. By the time Thursday night rolled around and I had yet to get any images of people I started to rethink my strategy. Looking at the images that I had taken I noticed that there were a couple of benches. Keeping the idea of taking a set in black and white, I decided to see what sort of outdoor seating I could find in Annapolis Royal in the middle of the winter. Surprisingly, there was no lack of seats to photograph even in the middle of January.

Week 3 theme - A Place to Sit Outdoors (black and white)

1. Bench on the Annapolis Royal waterfront boardwalk with Granville Ferry in the background
2. Chairs at the Bailey House B&B on Lower St George Street
3. Bench at Petit Park.
4. Three boardwalk benches
5. Bench in front of a residence on Lower St George Street.
6. Waterfront picnic table by the O'Dell House Museum
7. Bench at the Historic Gardens.

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