Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are They Coming Back?

The Annapolis Royal area has welcomed visitors for hundreds of years. From the arrival of the French at the Port Royal Habitation to the tourists who venture here every summer, there has usually been someone here to bid them welcome. I say there was usually someone always because we do have a history that includes a couple of European powers who used this area as a piece in a global conflict. Despite those seeking world domination, this has generally been a welcoming place. In fact, when I arrived here ten years ago, the first words spoken to me in my new community were "welcome here".

Now, perhaps the strangest visitors that we have greeted in recent years arrived in the Spring of 2011. On a snowy morning, patrons at the Winter Farmers Market at the Historic Gardens noticed that there was a series of tiny houses randomly cropping up. This caused a great deal of chatter among those buying their coffee, fish and bread. Over the coming weeks these houses started popping up in locations all around Annapolis Royal. They were found at locations like the Home Hardware, the Post Office and the banks. We even found a house in front of the O'Dell House Museum. There was great excitement as the houses were photographed and even had their co-ordinates entered into a GIS database. While the word faerie may have been whispered at first it became a well accepted term after a couple of weeks.

Then, as suddenly as the houses arrived they stopped arriving. It seems like the faerie folk were somewhat nomadic and only stayed in Annapolis Royal for the spring and summer. Those of us who live here year round know that they are not the only ones to follow this pattern. Without their keepers some of the houses started to look a bit sad. When I left the O'Dell House Museum this afternoon I decided to gather some of the toadstools that had once formed a faerie ring in front of the museum. As I gathered the toadstools, I started to wonder if the faerie folk were planning to return to Annapolis Royal when the weather gets warmer. I hope that they are since they brought a great deal of fun with them. If they do come back, I have some slightly aged toadstools that they can use.

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