Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Award Winning Town

Thanks to the complexities of the internet this is not exactly breaking news but, it is still important news for supporters of heritage in Annapolis Royal. Our little town has recently been selected as one of the top old house communities in North America by This Old House Magazine. To be a little more exact, we are one of only 10 communities in Canada to receive this distinction. This is a significant acknowledgement to all of the people who have worked to preserve properties and businesses in the Annapolis Royal region. Recognition of this sort is indeed about ongoing community effort and the shared belief that heritage is an important asset.

Strangely, on a day to day basis we rarely take the time to reflect on the good work that we have done to preserve the heritage of Annapolis Royal. This is even the case for those of us who work in heritage. As we go about our daily business, we blithely drive by buildings and landscapes that are historically important on an international scale. Perhaps because we are constantly surrounded by heritage we can almost forget how unique Annapolis Royal is. As a community, we make our individual and collective efforts to protect our heritage assets because we realize that it is the right thing to do. Because of this, it is nice when someone from the outside shines a light on us and commends us for the work that we have done.

I actually knew about this award a couple of weeks before it was announced. The magazine had sent me some information to do a fact check. When we were discussing the distinction, they requested that I not mention anything until the article was published. I was not totally successful in keeping this a secret and may have mentioned it to a few people who would appreciate such an award. I had a great smile when I saw the article posted on Facebook this Wednesday.

I am not sure how long the above link will stay active so, I offer my apologies if you are reading this post a couple of years from now and the link is dead. If the link is in fact dead, let me assure you that Annapolis Royal and the surrounding area is still an astounding heritage community to either visit or inhabit.

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  1. I love the simple architecture of old buildings. Sadly too many of them here in the USA are being left abandoned and later needed to be demolished.

    Regards, Jim
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